3D Target

Our patented, three-dimensional target is based on a typical athletic male skeleton at approximately 5’10” and 180-200 lbs. It has a muscular appearance; however the skeletal frame is accurate for his size and is shown in the internal interlocking hit zones that are encapsulated in the target. There are 4 pieces to this target: front shell, back shell, front facing insert and side facing insert. The inserts show precise hit zones in the head, chest and pelvis. They can also be scored like the common “square” shaped cardboard targets. It can be used with just the front/rear shell or just the front/side facing cardboard targets. This target is sold in individual pieces. This truly makes it a modular target. You can also add our pose-able arms and guns or props to the target for a more realistic training experience.

For example: if training for a front facing shot, just the front shell and front facing insert can be used independently. This may help to keep costs at a minimum. When the target is shot, you can trace the bullets path through the target to see if you were aiming at the correct position on the target for the most lethal shot possible. This is very critical on off angle shots, whether at a 45 degree angle or from an elevated position, this is something you cannot do with a paper target or the other 3D targets on the market; however is critical to teaching all shooters. The 3D shell and inserts of the target can be taped over for freshening up just like a cardboard target.

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Cardboard Target

The cardboard target is based on the exterior shape of the 3D target. These present a more economical way of practicing straight forward facing shots. We have added some printed anatomical features to the targets for references on aiming (unlike common cardboard targets). These targets are also more realistic in size and shape than other targets, because they are based on real human anatomy and skeletal structure. These feature the same hit/scoring zones in the head, chest and pelvis as seen on the 3D targets. These targets can be used to replace current cardboard targets used in some competitions and scored in the same manner.

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Steel Targets

The steel targets were created with the same 3D target silhouette and hit zones.  Designed specifically for long range shooting and high volume shooters who don’t like to tape targets and love the gratifying ring of steel. All of the steel targets are made of AR500 steel in either 3/8” or 1/2” thickness and are mounted with ½” carriage bolts (not welded). The frames and stands are precisely cut and mig welded out of sturdy square, rectangular and round tubing and thick flat and round bar. We have both static and swinging targets.Adjustable Angle Silhouette

The static targets are available in multiple different types and sizes of realistic silhouettes to fit your training needs.  We have models with a constant 15 degree downward angle or our new adjustable angle silhouettes adjust from 0, 15, and 30 degree angles.  All you need to provide is a 2”x4” wood post for the stand, which should be cut to your desired target height.  Our “Range Model” steel silhouette that comes with an AR500 stand and upright post to hold the target.

The swinging targets come in 10″, 8″ and 5″ diameters and are hung by thick rubber conveyor belt.  The swinging target stand is made of AR500, so errant shots will not harm the stand.  When the target is hit, the target will ring and move various amounts depending on shot placement and caliber.

We recommend that steel targets not be shot with a rifle closer than 150 yards or impact velocity above 2800 fps (no steel core bullets); shot gun no closer than 50 yards with shot or 100 yards with slugs (no steel shot); pistol no closer than 20 yards. Never shoot at damaged steel that is cratered, cracked or contains holes. This will drastically increase the risk of fragments returning to the shooter and other bystanders, which increases the risk of injuring yourself or someone else. (Please note: These are only recommendations made by P3DT. P3DT is not liable financially, medically or legally for any use or misuse resulting in injury or death when using any of our targets).

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