Adjustable Angle Steel Silhouette Target

Adjustable Angle Steel Silhouette Target


Includes 37″ tall by 18″ wide 3/8″ AR500 steel target, mounting brackets, upright, base stand and hardware.  AR500 Target and brackets weight ~50 lbs, Tubular base weight ~20 lbs, ~70 lbs total.

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If you would like to order 5 or more please call us at 480-518-2550 for bulk order pricing.

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The steel targets were created with the same 3D target silhouette and designed specifically for long range shooting and high volume shooters who don’t like to tape targets and love the gratifying ring of steel. All of the steel targets are made of 3/8″ thick AR500 steel and are mounted with ½” carriage bolts (not welded). The frames and stands are precisely cut and mig welded out of sturdy square tubing. Target comes with AR500 protected upright metal post. No tools needed to assemble.

This static target has an adjustable bracket that allows the target to be angled at 5 degrees, 15 degrees or 30 degree to match the training of the end user.

We recommend that steel targets not be shot with a rifle closer than 150 yards or impact velocity above 2800 fps (no steel core bullets); shot gun no closer than 50 yards with shot or 100 yards with slugs (no steel shot); pistol no closer than 20 yards. Never shoot at damaged steel that is cratered, cracked or contains holes. This will drastically increase the risk of fragments returning to the shooter and other bystanders, which increases the risk of injuring yourself or someone else. (Please note: These are only recommendations made by P3DT. P3DT is not liable financially, medically or legally for any use or misuse resulting in injury or death when using any of our targets).

For individual parts or for large bulk orders, please call 480-518-2550.



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