100 Cardboard Targets (2D)

100 Cardboard Targets (2D)


Includes 100 cardboard targets (2D).

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If you would like to order six or more packages please call us at 480-518-2550 for bulk order pricing.


The cardboard target is based on the exterior shape of the 3D target. These present a more economical way of practicing straight forward facing shots. We have added some printed anatomical features to the targets for references on aiming (unlike common cardboard targets). These targets are also more realistic in size and shape than other targets, because they are based on real human anatomy and skeletal structure. These feature the same hit/scoring zones in the head, chest and pelvis as seen on the 3D targets. These targets can be used to replace current cardboard targets used in some competitions and scored in the same manner.

For individual parts or for large bulk orders, please call 480-518-2550.

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