About Us

Precision 3D Targets (AKA P3DT) was created with the vision of providing military, law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts with a target superior to anything else on the market, in addition to being an affordable alternative to others available. The design, material and manufacturing process was selected following 2 years of research and patenting. Nearly all targets in our product line are based off the same fundamental shapes and sizes. With input from law enforcement, shooting instructors and medical personnel we have developed an accurate modular human analog 3D target. The targets are based on an athletic male skeleton at approximately 5’10” and 180-200 lbs.

It is important that our products not pose any hazards to the environment and be “green” alternative. All of our targets can be recycled. The 3D target body is biodegradable and compostable and poses no threat to the environment.

We are family owned, operated and based in Arizona. Our team has been involved in hunting and shooting sports for over 25 years. We enjoy shooting and pride ourselves on helping others. We hope to provide our customers with high quality and affordable targets for training.